Maritza Melo Soto. Maru

Maritza Melo Soto, also known as Maru, was born in Valparaíso, Chile, in the year 1968. Reader of Akashic Records and creator of the “Sunku Librí Method”; a practice that activates human creativity through meditation, transforming realities connecting with the pulse of the heart. Because of her work, Maritza continuously is traveling to many different regions of Chile and throughout Europe to communicate her practice through courses, meetings and talks.

At the age of 11, Maritza began developing her Goju Ryu, a style of martial arts that originates from Okinawa, Japan. The Goju Ryu was an early starting point that over the years led her tomastering various therapeutic disciplines and techniques.

Her daily practices of Merkaba, by Drunvalo, Melchizedek and other pranic contemporary breathing techniques; along with her early significant experiences created an enhancement of selfknowledge, expression and awakening of Being.

Integrated into Maritza’s practices through her studies are the philosophies of Sacred Geometry and Anthroposophy by Rudolph Steiner, the Austrian philosopher and architect. Her practice is also inspired by the work of English writer and channeler Alice Bailey.

In 2008 Maritza was initiated in Akashic Records, by Agatha Bertolino Aprile, Sicilian by decent and from Patagonia Argentina. Agatha is an astrology teacher and creator of the Floral Rose System, ‘Las Pleyades’. As Maritza’s mentor, she reaffirmed and promoted her path of creative expression and the memory of cellular memory.

From 2004-2006, together with traditional psychologists and with a transpersonal approach, they formed the Centro Indigo Sur, in Puerto Montt, Chile. A space for a time created a great gap to express and teach, delivering its first creative manifestations for both adults and children and finally shaping what is now known as Sunku Librí Method.

Currently Maritza is settled in the Cochamó, a small village, surrounded by wild nature, located in the South of Chile. Here she formed her first DOJO of Sunku Librí Method. The open natural space has facilitated the ability to specify and give shape to this method.

She is also: Creator of the Sunku Librí Method, 2007. Chile. The Method is delivered through the following training practices and courses.

The Toroidal Activation Course – The Thirteen Fruits of the Tree of Life, 2010. Chile.

The Bone Activation Course – Butterflies of Light, 2012. Chile.

The Angelica Activation Course – Angels and Devas Seminar, 2015. Chile.

• The Flower Hope Activation Course – Sunku Libri, 2021. Chile.