Akasha is a Sanskrit word that refers to the archiving of all the experiences of the Soul: past-present and future, taking into account that time and space are symbolism of the third dimension that does not concern the Multidimensional Soul or Consciousness.

This session is aimed at providing the necessary visions to give a positive impulse, assistance and healing to the problems or concerns, whether mental, emotional and/or physical, raised by the consultant.


Information that is channeled in a psychic way and from the supra-senses, by the holistic facilitator and therapist, Maritza Melo Soto, in connection with the source of Universal Wisdom. Specifically, connections are made with the ancestral lineages, other times spaces, other realms (animal, vegetable and mineral), and other dimensions.

Source of information of light that is transmitted from the subtle planes, in communication with the guides or archetypes of high frequency and the Council of Ascended Beings, that form part of the White Brotherhood, which watches over the harmonic evolutionary development of the planet and its inhabitants and for the execution of the Universal Laws, based on Love, Free Will and Compassion.

WHO SHOULD CONSULT: Any person over the age of 18 who seeks answers or spiritual guidance to respond to internal concerns and/or solve emotional, mental and/or physical problems.

DESCRIPTION: Presencial and Online Counselling. 90 min

LANGUAGE: Spanish. German and English Translator

FACILITATOR: Maritza Melo Soto. MARU.

Organized by ESPÍRITU CHILCO Spa Contact phone +569-9079-1562 (WhatsApp). Email: contacto@espirituchilcospa.com



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